Hi there πŸ‘‹ I am Petar. Ready for an adventure? Hire me. Today!

The name is Petar. Marketing maven turning chaos into campaigns.

Crafting strategies, leading teams, and transforming startups into buzzing realms. Your go-to for all things digital since 2011 .

So, what did I do? ✨

From orchestrating digital transformations for European magazines to unleashing streaming services in global powerhouses – I’ve done it all (well, almost). πŸš€

Digital Marketing Manager Launched HBO GO streaming service in 6 European markets. Focused on ensuring steady conversion rate and continuous growth of subscribers by creating effective and captivating digital campaigns, analyzing their results, assessing against goals, and streamlining their efficiencies, while building and maintaining a strong digital media presence through content.

Social Media Manager Implemented and executed Sketch’s first Reel strategy on Instagram. Planning, implementing and monitoring social media strategy. Creating content plans, writing posts copy, finding ways to reach new leads via social media by utilizing new formats.

Creative and Creator MindΒ  Founded and instituted the magazine brand teenstar.rs through defining its look and feel, curating original content, approving the layout, design, style, and tone, reaching over 1M people per month via social media.

Head of Digital Orchestrated and executed a high-impact, data-driven multi-channel marketing strategy, driving substantial ROI, pioneered best practices across data funnels, lead lifecycles, and campaign journeys, optimizing conversion rates n a daily basis and determining optimal bids, target groups, and ideal advertising moments through data analysis and A/B tests

Take a peek

A small part of all the things I did. Brainstormings, designing, analytics, writings, strategies, you name it. Or, better yet, see it.

What's my story? πŸ€”

Diving into the cyber realm during my teen years, wrestling with dial-up internet – a true blast from the past! While tinkering with HTML and CSS, I delved into journalism, unleashing over 300 articles, including 100+ cover stories and a plethora of web wonders. In 2015, I birthed Teen Star, reigning as the millennials' #1 digital hub and an Eastern European top 100 legend.

Fast-forward to my digital career inception, I've honed the art of crafting marketing magic. Launching HBO GO in European markets, I fine-tuned strategies for steady conversions and subscriber surges. Sketch welcomed me in 2022, where I curated the Reel Content Calendar, unveiling innovative customer charms.

Now, as the Head of Digital at Plato Money, I steer the digital ship, crafting a strategy for a finance startup – a symphony of user growth and brand brilliance. πŸš€

Marketing is my playground, but writing holds the key to my heart. A die-hard fan of pop culture in its myriad forms, fueled by coffee, enchanted by diverse cuisines, and my fluffy companion Severus ⚑. And in the ever-turning pages of life, the battle for equality and social justice is my unwavering anthem. πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆπŸ’ͺ

Let's create a digital masterpiece! ✨

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