Content Creation & SEO: HBO Max Landing Page

How did I tackle US streaming service which is unavailable worldwide? By taking ownership of it, before someone else does.


HBO Europe


Custom CMS, Photoshop, Analytics



On the day of HBO Max launch, I’ve launched a landing page dedicated to HBO Max, under HBO GO local domains, in 12 CE countries

Landing page is miming the look and feel of the US landing page: kept HBO GO layout, but colors and visuals were more similar to HBO Max landing pageĀ 

The main KPI of this page was awareness, it was intended to be purely educational.

Google Search Campaign was also launched, aiming at those who were looking to find out more about HBO Max.


People were spending above average time on desktop version of website (average was 03:02, and they have spent 04:39 on HBO Max landing page).

For over 75% of visitors in all countries, this page is the last they visit.

When it comes to ads, CPA was higher than usual, meaning that the demand for HBO Max was lower than expected, though the service was still new