B2B collab: Delivery service CRM + HBO GO

What’s the best thing to do when watching TV shows? Eat, of course! That’s why we partnered with food delivery service.


HBO Europe


Mailchimp, custom CMS




Serbs have had prejudice about online payments. Back in 2017, the market was still emerging in OTT services (4.4% of the total population using OTT, while HBO GO penetration was 1.4% P6M).


Besides conversions as main KPI, our strategy was to inform and educate the market of HBO GO streaming service and it’s benefits (free monthly trial, simple for use, subtitled content…).

Partnership with Donesi (now Glovo) was perfect for gaining Conversions.

Communication was fully personalized for their users. We communicated a special incentive to service users- 2 months of free HBO Go trial, instead of regular 1 month. Through partner channels (newsletter, mobile app push notifications, social posts, blog posts and banners within order page) we trafficked users to specific landing page on which they could generate gift codes.


This partnership provided great results in conversions in a short time period.

More than 3x higher number of conversions vs. previous campaigns/ phases

94% lower CPA vs. average for previous phases

Most of conversions gained through Newsletter (75% of total conversions)

2x lower CPA compared to standard search campaigns